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Comfur G3

average rating is 4.5 out of 5

One mattress that can provide 2 distinct and comforting feels.

A guest wishes a different firmness? Simply Flip the mattress for a firm feel.. The two distinctive sides each provide a distinct firmness - Firm and Medium, easily switched in just a few minutes ensuring your guests’ sleep is truly personalised. .


High-Quality Materials

Optical Spinal Alignment

10 Year Guarantee

Made In Florence

Free Delivery

Good Slumber,

Fewer Numbers

A good night’s sleep.  Those four simple words may be more important than anything else when it comes to a guest’s lodging experience. After all, even the most luxurious of rooms can disappoint if a guest spends a restless night in bed.

“ The guest’s ability to select the experience for themselves means no one has to miss out on the best night ”  Give your guests the option of choosing the firmness they prefer, make them feel they want this to be their new home.


Our mattresses and materials

are made in Europe



Our mattresses are certified under the European Directive

for the prevention, treatment

and alleviation of pain


We believe in using the best available natural materials and respect the environment



All our rates include shipping and delivery to European countries.

Hear about our G3 Here

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