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Meet Your Guest


The next evolution in Guest Bedding, the Comfur Guest™ Mattress is the first fully customizable affordable Guest Mattress™,   offering guests the freedom to choose their own bed and personalise their sleep during every stay.  


With an innovative mattress developed using the worlds most advanced natural materials, each guest can have their bed personalized to their unique preference in minutes.

A choice of three different levels of firmness will be offered for customized comfort.


Offer your guests the option upon booking of choosing their preffered firmness.  In just a few minutes, our Guest mattress is transformed to suit your guests personal needs.


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Classically Firm.


Lovers of Firm mattresses love this mattress. Recommended for stomach sleepers who prefer support over comfort.

Just about Medium.


The ultimate comfort preferred by most Guests, not too firm and yet definitely not soft. Just the right amount of comfort and support required for a great sleep.

Uber Soft.


Made for Guests truly seeking a feeling of weightlessness, cradled in the lushness of memory foam. Just imagine sleeping on a cloud. 


The fireproof yarns used in the flame-retardant fabric ensure excellent and permanent fire resistance. Passed IIM-class regulation tests and certified by the Ministry of the Interior. Certified Class 1 Fire Proof according to: UNI 8456; UNI 9174; UNI 9174 / A1. Certified for combustion Cigarette and Match Test according to: BS EN 597 Part 1 and Part 2. Certified for combustion Crib 5 according to the standards: BS 6807 SECT 2 SOURCE 5.


All our mattresses comply with European Directive 93/42/EEC marked as Class 1 Medical Device. All mattresses are CE marked and numbered according to established regulations.

The Comfur Guest™ Mattresses will meet the needs of your guests through this personalization.


Join us. Be a part of the Future.

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