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The firm hotel bed is a feature of the past. 

Join the growing list of visionary hoteliers set to redefine the most important aspect of the room:

the bed, and the sleep experience itself.

Dream Like Never Before



Using our proprietary technology we have designed a boutique collection of mattresses that provide individualised comfort for your guests.


The iconic Comfur Guest™ Mattresses are the ultimate in luxury bedding, the G1 Guest Mattress being the epitome in Guest accommodation - features the latest technology including:


         Easily interchangeable Toppers;  


         Patented heat-absorption technology                     keeping you cool and comfortable                           throughout the night;


         Natural comfortable Memory Foams                       providing optimal support whilst                             minimizing partner motion transfer.


The Comfur Guest™ Mattresses will meet the needs of your guests through this needed personalization.


Join us in this Sleep Revolution.




The next evolution of the iconic Comfur sleep experience and the first fully customizable affordable Guest Mattress™  offering guests the freedom to choose their own bed and personalise their sleep during every stay.  



of hotel guests have a distinct preference on mattress firmness.

‘Survey by

Four Seasons Hotel’

With an innovative mattress developed using the worlds most advanced natural materials, each guest can have their bed personalized to their unique preference in minutes.


A choice of three different levels of firmness will be offered for customized comfort.


Offer your guests the option upon booking of choosing their preffered firmness.

In a few minutes, our Guest mattress is transformed to suit your guests personal needs.


G 1 Guest Mattress™ - Option of 3 firmnesses easily changed by switching between the three toppers provided. G 2 Guest Mattress™ - Option of 3 firmnesses: Soft with the Topper provided, Medium when Topper is removed, Firm when mattress is rotated.

G 3 Guest Mattress™ - Option of 2 firmnesses, Medium and Firm achieved by rotating the mattress.


Stand out and be truly personal.

Rethink how you sleep.
Sleep Comfur.

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